What is the difference between JEE 2018 and 2019?

If you are considering taking the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) has evolved considerably over the years; however, it has been predicted that the JEE 2019 would differ from JEE 2018. JEE is categorized as one of the most recommended tests for the students pursuing a degree in an engineering field. However, the board of authorities at JEE is more likely to make changes in the pattern, syllabus, and test schedule in the tests on an annual basis, and it requires the students to be informed on the changes made to the tests.

Due to these changes in JEE test series, several JEE entrance guides, JEE mock test papers 2019, JEE exam solved papers and JEE entrance winner formulas have been prepared to help the students with their preparations.

It has been predicted that the testing agency has resorted its test module to an offline format, and it would be conducted twice a year to entertain a large pool of students. However, the regulatory policies suggest that JEE should reevaluate its decision to conduct the JEE test online, and it should be conducted online.

National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted the JEE test in 2018; however, the tests will be supervised and conducted by CBSE next year. The ministry of education has also refuted the idea to take two tests in one year, so it would be conducted twice a year for providing admission to the students in the engineering field.

It has been reported that the students are apprehensive of the possible changes made to the pattern of the JEE-MAIN Examination, and they are resorting to every guidebook and module to stay informed on the possible changes that could be made to the examination pattern. However, the students are encouraged to not worry about the time and mode of the upcoming year’s examination. JEE 2019 would use a similar syllabus used for JEE 2018, and there would be no changes made to the pattern and criteria of the examination. Students are advised to continue their preparation without any hassle but, they are encouraged to keep track of the changes that could be made at the last minute.

However, the request for CBT mode examination is now approved, a student should be prepared to take the examination in an online mode. It should sign up to JEE online test practice to learn about the methodology and pattern of the examination in an online mode. A student should be able to ask its instructor or tutor for guidance on taking the examination in an online mode.

In comparison to the possible changes, JEE 2019 Syllabus and JEE 2019 exam pattern has not undergone any changes. According to the Engineering Council of India, the JEE pattern and syllabus will remain exactly the same as it was in the year 2018. A total of 90 questions equally divided among sections to test for all areas of concern. This means that candidates can take help from the JEE previous year solved papers. You can also practice JEE physics and JEE mock test papers 2019 or JEE solved papers online.

You have to make sure that all the JEE practice and preparation should be done online so you can prepare for the computer-based test JEE. For this practice, you can take help from online test series for JEE, JEE entrance exam preparation websites, JEE question papers with solutions. Several online JEE practice papers and JEE entrance guides are present all over the internet which can help you in JEE exam preparation.

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